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Mindhunting is a Consultant Firm formed by professionals from the corporate world and whose main objective is to collaborate with companies to overcome the "Wellington effect".

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • (54 9 11) 4448-4477

  • marcelo@mindhunting.com

Executive Search


“The choice of servants is of no little importance to a prince, and they are good or not according to the discrimination of the prince. And the first opinion which one forms of a prince, and of his understanding, is by observing the men he has around him; and when they are capable and faithful he may always be considered wise, because he has known how to recognize the capable and to keep them faithful. But when they are otherwise one cannot form a good opinion of him, for the prime error which he made was in choosing them.”

This paragraph of "The Prince” from Machiavelli, allows us to see the serious consequences of a successful or erroneous process of the search of the right person for the organization.

Each Mindhunting Consultant in charge of an assignment goes through a clear and powerful procedure we have denominated AID:

Procedimiento AID


the company-customer scenario and the position specific requirements.


the target market to identify where the current potential candidates are.


such candidates, understanding that a candidate is defined by such not only because he-her complies with the formal requirements but he-her wants to be part of the process and that he-her will be a successful professional for the company according to the assessments results.

Recruitment strategy

Generally, people who participates in this type of process were not looking for a job change when they contacted but they were comfortable in important positions and in well-known companies. This circumstances requires tact and discretion (which are our features) to preserve potential candidates and our customer.

"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”