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Mindhunting is a Consultant Firm formed by professionals of the corporate world and whose primary objective is to collaborate with companies to overcome the "Wellington effect"

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • (54 9 11) 4448-4477

  • marcelo@mindhunting.com



“Always I will choose someone who has more talent than experience. Sometimes it is harder and leads to delicate situations but there is no doubt that in the long term, it is more rewarding. An orchestra may stand inexperience but not the lack of talent”. Daniel Barenboim, owner of the quote above, knows about what he is talking when he talks about talent, as he is one of the most recognized pianist and orchestra director nowadays.

When we approach a Recruiting process, we based on searching talent statement, even above the experience or previous accumulated working success assignments. An assignment of this type is oriented to professionals who have not been in decision-making position during their careers but whose development potential forecasts an ever-improving achievement path, with a very low error margin.

The main effort is focused on a deeper assessment of the candidates to define for each one a future expectations scenario.

Procedimiento AID


the company-customer scenario and the position specific requirements.


the target market to identify where the current potential candidates are.


such candidates, understanding that a candidate is defined by such not only because he-her complies with the formal requirements but he-her wants to be part of the process and that he-her will be a successful professional for the company according to the assessments results.

"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”